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Oval Throttle Body and Adapter Kit
for 2003-2004 Ford Mustang Cobra (4.6L 4V)

The Dragon Performance Parts Oval Throttle Body and Adapter Kit for "Terminators" is the finest system of its kind, hands down. Dragon's innovative adapter design improves upon every aspect of those currently on the market. The kit includes a P/N 600-6 Dragon Oval Throttle Body. Its no‐compromises design includes a slotted throttle shaft that sandwiches the elliptical throttle plate. Dual ball bearings positively retain the throttle shaft so the plate doesn't "ride" on the housing. The billet‐aluminum throttle cam features a progressive profile to improve low‐speed drivability, which is essential for a throttle body this large! The IAC motor is located on the underside of the throttle body to dramatically clean up your Cobra's underhood appearance. The Dragon Throttle Body Adapter mates the throttle body to your Terminator's supercharger inlet. Dragon's adapter removes all obstructions to flow (including the IAC motor). It features smooth cross‐sectional transitions and an industry‐leading casting surface finish to reduce turbulence and improve flow.

  • Adapter features smooth cross‐sectional area transitions and industry‐leading casting surface finish for reduced turbulence and improved airflow
  • Unobstructed path improves breathing and performance
  • P/N 600‐6 Throttle Body features an elliptical plate, progressive throttle cam, clear anodized billet aluminum components, slotted throttle shaft, and dual roller bearings
  • Relocated IAC motor vastly improves under‐hood appearance
  • Fits model years 2003‐2004
  • Adds 20 WHP over stock!

Part Number
Oval Throttle Body/Adapter Kit
Ford Mustang Cobra
(4.6L 4V)
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