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Oval Throttle Body Adapter for 1996-2004 Ford Mustang GT (4.6L 2V)

A Dragon exclusive! This Oval Throttle Body Adapter will feed your modified 4.6L 2V engine all the air it could ever need! Dragon enlarged the industry-leading P/N 501-15 Throttle Body Adapter to accept a P/N 600-2 Oval Throttle Body, resulting in the breathing capacity of a 100mm throttle body that fits under the stock hood! How much horsepower are you leaving on the table?

  • Smooth cross-sectional area transitions
  • Large short-turn radii and innovative "turning vane" divider to reduce turbulence and improve airflow
  • Industry-leading casting surface finish for improved airflow
  • Fits all model years from 1996-2004 (requires modified inlet piping from a 1999, 2001 Cobra or 2003-04 Mach 1)
  • Designed for use with Dragon Performance Parts oval throttle body
    P/N 600-2
    (available as a TB & Adapter Kit under P/N 701-40)

Part Number
Oval Throttle Body Adapter
Ford Mustang GT
(4.6L 2V)
Throttle Body,
Oval w/o IAC
Ford Mustang GT
(4.6L 2V) w/ Dragon P/N 501-40
Oval Throttle Body/Adapter Kit
Ford Mustang GT
(4.6L 2V)
Save $30
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